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Patient Testimonials

“I searched for 15 years for relief from lower back pain to no avail until I heard about Concord Pain and Wellness. The pain and limited activity has greatly diminished shortly after my first visits. If you have been searching like I was for years....search no more. Contact CP&W and allow them to change your life too. Thank you so much CP&W for your holistic approach to the person, compassion, and the so many optioons you made available. I have my life back and never felt better.” - Matthew

“Wow!! What an amazing experience. In just three short weeks Concord Pain and Wellness has changed my life. After years of pain and several surgeries I can now tie my shoes without help!!! With a lower back injury there is so much involved and on my first visit the Dr. Spent 30 minutes just explaining my injury in a way I could understand where all the pain was coming from. The staff is so friendly and they truly care about you as a person not just a number. They are welcome and always greet you with a smile. I had almost given up hope of ever having a full pain free life until now. Thanks to Concord Pain and Wellness I was able to actually go outside and play with my kids for the first time in years. I can t thank them enough!!!!” - Brandi

"I have been to several pain clinics across the country. The staff at Concord Pain and Wellness really listen to what you have to say. This in itself makes a huge difference. They are a great group of people" - John

“I have seen a lot of Doctors for my chronic pain and the Doctors here will help you with your pain control and any other pain related problems that you might have,they are the best at what they do, I wouldn t go anywhere else.The Doctors here will listen to you about you condition and not treat you like a number you will get treated like a person,I would recommend that you give these Doctors a chance you won t regret it.”  - James

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